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Your installation experts, Chris did an outstanding job installing a new outdoor A/C unit and evaporator coil, running new tubing, and putting in new coolant They. were both highly professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Mike and Chris are a credit to your company and definitely instill confidence in our decision to have your company work in our home.

Lou R. Brooklyn NY

Great business all the way around ! From the initial setting up of the appointment till the day they came out to my house . They did a fabulous job . I never knew how important it was to clean out your ducts ! I will be a repeat customer and would refer them to friends and family !:)
Thank you

Bobby J. Newburg NY

Very professional, personable, made recommendations on how to correct and completed job in same day even though it was a little more complicated than he thought. Price was what I was quoted upfront. I would definitely call company again.

Jason P- Newark NJ

Breathe Easy UV LIGHTS

Bright idea in air quality.

Bacteria,fungi and molds can find a welcome home in and your air contioner's evaporator coil. That can lead to odors, illnesses & bothersome allergies. When properly installed near the air conditioning coil, the Breath Easy UVC Germicidal Lamp kills the harmful growths and eliminates the odors associated with this growth. it's a great solution for well being throughout your home.

UV Facts

Produces no Ozone!

120 volt, with power cord.

Replacement Bulbs available.

Easy Installation 15 minutes or less.

Pennies/ day to operate.

Low cost to buy!

Real Results

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Amilair Corp Breathe Easy UV Lights


For use in home or office environments and placed near the coils of your HVAC unit. Kills and prevents mold growth and spores on your systems air conditioning coils. The unit provides some of the BEST protection available against biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, spores, algae, and dust mites.

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This system is installed in the supply side of a heating/cooling system in your home or business. It plugs into any standard wall outlet and destroys the pathogens in the air. Helping provide higher quality air for easier breathing and helping prevent the spread of colds, flu's or other contagious infections from person to person via airborne viruses.

Breathe Easy

The U.S. Government requires UV lamps above cooling coils for government buildings and uses UV lamps to control microbial growth in buildings. Now the average homeowner can apply the same safety measures in their own living spaces.

Considering the well-reported dangers of mold and bacteria in the home, it just makes sense to attack these problems at the source. You can, with a dealer-installed Breathe Easy UV Germicidal Lamp.

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